Hollywood movies to watch in your weekend


1. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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Both the movie's writer and the main character are played by Ben Stiller. You can thus appreciate how intensely engaged he must have felt when portraying Walter Mitty.

This movie will assist you in seeing the bigger picture if you are trapped in a job that frustrates your goals. When you can accomplish that, it's always energising.

In order to escape from his mundane life, the protagonist of the movie creates romantic and action-packed fantasies. But when his own employment is in jeopardy, everything in his life changes, and this sets him on a journey to self-realization.

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

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You'll get a cinematic experience like you've never experienced before depending on how this movie plays out for you and how smoothly it transitions from one scene to the next. It is a comedy movie that Wes Anderson wrote and directed, therefore you should watch it whenever and wherever you can.

3. Amélie

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In spite of being lost in her creative world, teenage waitress Amelie makes the decision to aid others in finding happiness in the French romantic comedy film Amélie. She embarks on a journey in search of true love as part of her mission to promote happiness. Do not doubt it; the movie is absolutely wonderful.

The movie follows the exploits of Gustave H, a renowned concierge at a well-known hotel in the made-up Republic of Zubrowka. The epic Zero Moustafa, the lobby kid who becomes his most dependable companion, is featured in the story, which takes place in the period between the first and second World Wars.

4. Eddie The Eagle

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How would you feel if your coach told you that the one thing for which you had been training all your life will never allow you to make the team? Knowing that you lack competence could be really demoralising, right? You must see the biographical sports comedy-drama movie "Eddie the Eagle," which is based on the life of British skier Michael Edwards, who in 1988 became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in the Olympic ski jump despite all the obstacles he had to overcome.

5. Billy Elliot

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It's difficult to deviate from the standard, and when you have to do it as a child, the weight of the work becomes considerably heavier. In the great narrative "Billy Elliot," a young boy discovers the love of his life—ballet, to his surprise! It is a motivating tale that shows us that no matter our age, we still have the ability to pursue our objectives.

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