Here are some Best tech stocks to invest right now in 2022

In this article we  are going to talk about some Best us  techs.


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1. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

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Shares of Microsoft rose from the $250s to the $290s after the news in late July, providing investors with an amazing surprise. However, as a certain element of inflation-based worry returns to markets, equities are already toying with pre-earnings levels. Following Microsoft's most recent quarterly results, RBC Capital Markets analyst Rishi Jaluria maintained a "outperform" rating and $380 price target for the company's stock, suggesting significant upside for the roughly $2 trillion software behemoth. Similar to Google, a significant portion of Microsoft's attractiveness comes from its cloud business, with Microsoft Azure revenue increasing 46% last quarter in constant currency.

2. Adobe Inc. (ADBE)

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Adobe is a similarly large software company; while it may not be a $1 trillion corporation, its $175 billion in annual revenue is nothing to laugh at. Since its Creative Cloud subscription bundle includes such well-known programmes as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, and Acrobat, it is becoming more and more relevant to a digital economy. Due of the extraordinarily high gross margins—at 88% in Adobe's case—and the recurring revenue that has a propensity to increase over time, the software-as-a-service business model on which it is based is well-known for being attractive.

3. Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO)

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Although no one would claim that Cisco is the most interesting company in the world, occasionally there is opportunity in the everyday. The $181 billion internet infrastructure and communications equipment provider is a tried-and-true blue-chip dividend investment in a difficult climate for tech companies. As of September 13, Cisco was trading at around a 29% discount to its Jan. 1 level, trades for just 12 times projected earnings, and pays an eminently sustainable dividend of 3.3% utilising just 52% of earnings.

4. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)

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AMD, a manufacturer of semiconductors, is clearly a growth stock; but, its valuation does not reflect this. Someone failed to notify the company that it should be in shambles, despite the fact that the tech onslaught has already driven shares down more than 46% in 2022 as of September 13. In fact, revenue increased 70% year over year in the second quarter, setting a quarterly record for the ninth consecutive quarter. To be honest, the chipmaker Xilinx purchase was mostly responsible for the increase, but all of the company's operating areas saw growth, and analysts anticipate a still-impressive 13% increase in sales in 2023. The market share of well established industry heavyweights like Intel Corp. has regularly been reduced by AMD, which trades for approximately 16 times projected earnings (INTC).

5. Asana Inc. (ASAN)

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Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is the head of Asana, a firm that makes software for teamwork in the workplace. Unapologetically a growth stock, Asana recorded sales growth of 51% in the most recent quarter, even though that the business remained loss-making. Analysts do not anticipate profitability for several years. Although Asana is priced highly by certain metrics, trading at 10 times sales, its gross margins of around 90% provide long-term growth investors with plenty of scope for profit. Due to its high valuation, predicted future cash flows that are distant in the future, and the current market's risk-off mentality, ASAN is one of the riskier companies on this list. The upside is substantial, however, if Asana doesn't slow down too rapidly and exhibits a clear route toward profitability.

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