best US stocks to invest money in 2022

 In todays article we will be talking aboout some best US stocks to invest money in 2022.

So we go -

 1. EOG Resources Inc. 

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By 2022, prices had already become a problem. The consumer price index for November 2021 increased by a significant 6.8% year over year. EOG Resources, a U.S. producer of natural gas and oil, was chosen primarily as a safeguard against the possibility of persistent inflation, and it hasn't disappointed: Inflation reached 9.1% in June, its highest level since 1981. EOG stock has benefited as energy prices have emerged as one of the major forces driving inflation this year. Including dividends, the company is up 33.6% in 2022 through August 17, making it the top performer among the 10 picks. In August, EOG announced its third special dividend announcement of the year, a $1.50 per share special dividend, and reported second-quarter net income that increased 146% year over year.

2. Microsoft Corp

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With a $2.2 trillion market cap, this list's most valued firm giant of big tech The next best stock to purchase for 2022 is Microsoft. Despite its size, Microsoft keeps expanding rapidly; in the most recent quarter, revenue increased by 12%. Microsoft offers a wide range of effective digital goods, such as the widely used Windows operating system and Microsoft Office productivity suite. The company's 2016 $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn and the launch of its cloud computing division Azure are more recent projects from the past ten years. The latter witnessed a 40% increase in revenue year over year in the most recent quarter.

At around 30 times earnings, Microsoft trades at a reasonable premium to the market. Looking to grow its influence in the lucrative video game industry, Microsoft announced a $69 billion purchase of video game developer Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI) in January, which if approved would be its largest-ever acquisition and make Microsoft the world's third-largest gaming company.

3. Lowe's Cos. Inc

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Lowe's stock, which is a gamble on the booming housing industry, made the list of best stocks for 2022. However, because interest rates are rising quickly, some of the market's momentum hasn't yet directly flowed into the pockets of LOW shareholders. Lowe's reported sales of $27.5 billion for the second quarter, a small decrease from $27.6 billion in the corresponding quarter last year.

One factor that the management attributed to the short spring selling season was the lacklustre demand. Despite this, adjusted earnings per share increased 9.9% and surpassed analyst projections thanks to a vigorous share buyback programme in which Lowe's bought back $4 billion in stock. Long-term trends continue to be in Lowe's favour as millennials continue to buy homes and the national housing scarcity is a long-term issue that could spur more remodelling work. The price of LOW stock is 16 times projected earnings.

4. Alphabet Inc.


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Alphabet, the $1.6 trillion parent company of Google, is another sizable Big Tech business that made the list of the best stocks for 2022. The company itself is doing well, with sales increasing 13% in the second quarter, despite stockholders suffering a year-to-date decrease in the stock price. CEO Sundar Pichai credited Google Cloud growth and Alphabet's leading search product for driving outcomes.

According to Pichai, the efforts we've made in AI and computing over the years have helped to make our services extremely valued for customers and highly effective for companies of all kinds. A 20-for-1 stock split that Alphabet executed in the middle of July increased the financial accessibility of full shares for the typical individual investor. GOOGL has been disproportionately affected by being a tech stock in a rising-rate environment, similar to some other decliners on our list.

5. Meta Platform

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Another Big Tech brand, Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, has seen its shares struggle as a result of rising interest rates and a switch from growth to value equities. However, the industry is also slowing down: META revealed its first-ever 1% quarterly revenue loss year-over-year in the second quarter. In addition, it anticipates a further reduction in the third quarter as a result of deteriorating economic conditions and falling ad spending.

While doing so, the company is making massive investments in the metaverse as part of a risky long-term wager that will result in losses in the near future. Analysts predict that revenue and earnings growth will resume in 2023, but until then, there aren't many short-term drivers of change outside the potential price floor that bargain hunters can create by buying a Silicon Valley mainstay at less than 18 times forward earnings.

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